Project Metanoia

Metanoia. Respect for the logophile who unearthed this word. Even more respect for the unsung creative scene that’s taken on the challenge of visually glossing “metanoia” and submitting their one photographic interpretation for an exhibition taking place this Friday. The best photographers from the Lou/Lex/Cinci area — Clay Cook, Steve Squall, Josh Eskridge, Antonio Pantoja, Joey Goldsmith, Jennie Harper, Bernadette Newberry, Jacob Roberts, Brandy Fulton and Staci Marie — put together creative teams and descended on The Henry Clay on May 31 for one intense photo shoot. You can see the results Friday at the Ice House with DJ Andrew Kim and a cash bar. All proceeds from the auction of these photos goes, most fittingly, to Fund for the Arts!

Friday, June 19

The Ice House
8-11 p.m. | Free
226 E. Washington St.