‘Project 8: Spacetime’

“Project 8: Spacetime” features artists Kathleen Brannigan, Marc Lambert, Michael Scheurer, Christy Wittmer and the collective, The Girls Coloring Space. Exploring the larger concepts of space and time, these artists delve deep into the true meanings of the words. Finding inspiration in the covers of old sci-fi novels, Lambert shows idealized versions of the future, as seen through the eyes of the past. Scheurer, using repurposed old manuscripts as his canvas, literally builds new worlds on top of old, while Wittmer, crafting out of natural and man-made objects, uses symbiotic sculpture to explore the theme. And in a series of blind contour drawings, Brannigan follows the line to the future, as The Girls Coloring Space weaves its thoughts over the entire show.


Zephyr Gallery
610 E. Market St