this, this is for you’

At first, when I entered “PROJECT 11: this, this is for you,” I was overwhelmed with sadness. On every wall was a reminder of the late artist Stephen Irwin, who passed away in 2010. But as I toured the gallery, my sadness was replaced with delight as I was reintroduced to this master of creative manipulation. The true standouts of his work are the pieces where he used Brillo pads to remove the most sexualized parts of vintage porno magazines, leaving only a sea of whiteness and the imagination to decipher the acts portrayed. But the show also features sculpture, installations and truly inspiring prints highlighting his brilliance and stands as a loving tribute to the vast scope of his humor and vision.


Zephyr Gallery
6 p.m. | Free
610 E. Market St

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this, this is for you’

Chasson Higdon is a writer, artist and filmmaker. At an early age, when other boys were learning about sports or cars, Chasson had his head buried in art history books or creating paintings and drawings. This trend has continued on into adulthood, where he has earned his BA in Fine Arts from Indiana University, received multiple awards for his creative endeavors and is still currently clueless about sports or cars.



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