‘Presidents as the Problem: Reining in the Cult of the American President’

Gene Healy, vice president of the Cato Institute (a libertarian think tank), will be the next speaker at the McConnell Center’s “Promises & Perils of the American Presidency” public lecture series. Healy, author of “The Cult of the Presidency,” will make the case that presidents have become too powerful. Or, as the Center said: “Americans have increasingly expanded presidential power over recent decades by expecting the president to provide solutions for all national problems and protection from harm.” Is this LEO’s usual bag? No. But the best way to understand (and possibly change the minds of) the other side is to genuinely listen to them first.

Monday, March 20

McConnell Center in UofL’s Ekstrom Library
6-7 p.m. | Free
2215 S. Third St.