‘Placemaking – Time + Nature + Culture’ By Remi

Remi’s (Tara Remington) latest exhibition is timely, combining the “concepts of place, freedom and human rights. As an artist and woman, I create in search of personal freedom and to remind others of our infinite capacity to change, evolve and to care.” She has given a lot of thought to perceptions of space and time. After years of working with the homeless, she considers the “lack of place for our fellow humans [to be] a crime against humanity.” Even the medium Remi uses is important; she chose plaster as a metaphor for how fragile life is. Included in the exhibition are pieces from her series “ISEEU: PUBLIC ART + ACTIVISM. “ When sold, the funds are earmarked to go toward a public artwork Remi is planning to create. The gallery is also showing “Everything is Connected” by Dena Williams through Jan. 28


Kore Gallery - Mellwood Art Center
1860 Mellwood Ave., Building A 116 and 117

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‘Placemaking – Time + Nature + Culture’ By Remi

Jo Anne Triplett is the contributing visual arts editor at LEO Weekly. She’s a past member of the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Public Art, was the content advisor on the Glassworks Building video, and has written for Louisville Magazine, Kentucky Homes and Gardens and the national publication Glass Craftsman. Jo Anne came to Louisville from Washington, D.C. where she worked as a researcher and writer for the Smithsonian American Art Museum.



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