‘Pinky La Rue’ 
by Leah Tinari

Leah Tinari describes her focus for “Pinky La Rue” as “the stuff” that has infiltrated her daily life as she raises her children in New York City. This show is a tribute to the playful nature of children filtered throught the humorous eyes of a parent. Tinari’s paintings are wild and carefree snapshots that are saturated with rich and vibrant color. She captures simple and awkward moments and turns them into magical compositions bursting with life and exciting luminosity. “I strive to make paintings of my life, and the people and world around me. I want to create a wonderful and vital dialog between people and art, and between life and art,” says Tinari of her pursuit. Tinari’s paintings are an absolute joy to behold.

Through March 15

Revelry Boutique Gallery
742 E. Market St