‘Penny Sisto at 80’

When discussing local art quilts, the conversation quickly turns to Penny Sisto. She’s been a fixture for decades (she just turned 80 years old), so longevity is on her side. As is productivity; she makes up to 200 quilts a year. But that wouldn’t matter if creativity, talent and quality were not present in her work. This exhibition is the eighth show Sisto has had at the Carnegie. The nearly 30 works feature familiar subjects — women, children and spiritual figures. What is absent is a theme (in the past, she has created series on racism, AIDS and the Vietnam War). Or perhaps the theme is COVID-19. “In a year of isolation from the touch, sound and smell of my beloved family and friends,” said Sisto, “the familiar touch and smell of the fabrics was soothing. Now … I feel only gratitude. Gratitude and a faith in putting one foot in front of the other, one stitch in front of another, even into infinity.”  The exhibition includes screenings of “Woman of the Cloth,” a documentary about Sisto by Ben Newkirk.

Through April 9

Carnegie Center for Art & History
201 E. Spring St., New Albany