Park it at this author’s reading

Spring is busting out in colors, and it’s a perfect time to visit Cherokee Park. Life is so carefree there, right? Oh, if only you knew what it takes to get such glorious oases established amid the competing interests and continuing pressure for city resources. Eric Burnette’s new book “Parks for the People! Profit, Power, and Frederick Law Olmsted in Louisville” lays it all out, as the author will share during his talk at Carmichael’s. Olmsted had already made his reputation by the time he got to our town: In one state, he’d already designed the first city park system, the first state park, and, oh — NYC’s Central Park. But when you take a bike out on the Scenic Loop, see if you don’t agree that the great landscape architect really outdid himself here.


Carmichael’s Bookstore
7 p.m. | Free
2720 Frankfort Ave.