‘Painting in the Network: Algorithm and Appropriation’

To paraphrase Shakespeare, “We know what we are.” Digital technology is something we know and live with daily. Since it is a part of what we are, it makes sense artists want to work with it. UofL’s Hite Art Institute is showing “Painting in the Network: Algorithm and Appropriation” as a discussion on how painting and digital technology can coexist. The seven artists in the show are Cory Archangel, Alex Dodge, Leah Glenn, Gabriel Orozco, Davis Rhodes, Tabor Robar and Siberian Vestee. “Most of these artists are very talented computer programmers, talent evidenced by their elaborate digital compositions and sophisticated algorithms,” said Chris Reitz, Director of Galleries at the Hite Art Institute. “By ‘outsourcing’ the job of composition to a program that they write, these artists retool and reboot their artistic labor.”

Through April 8

Cressman Center for Visual Arts
Times vary | Free
100 E. Main St.