Oaks & Derby 
After Party

Every single bar and event space in this city is holding a Derby after party, but how many have GlitterTitz DJz? Nowhere Louisville, a place that prides itself on living by the phrase “Keep Louisville Weird,” is hosting some kick-ass after parties for the local rabble of the city. With DJ Truck spinning outside and GlitterTitz DJz holding it down inside on Oaks. And a spin-off between DJ Syimone vs DJ Brios (go Brios!) while DJ Mikus keeps the party going inside. If you haven’t been to Nowhere Louisville all I can say is that you need to check this place out, and what better time than after Oaks or Derby? And if you have been before, then I don’t have to explain to you why this is going to be a good time.

May 1 - May 2

Nowhere Louisville
8pm | Free
1133 Bardstown Road