NuLu Festival

Ahhhh, NuLu. With all of your Flea Off Markets, Haymarkets and Garage Bars, who couldn’t love you? Or better yet, who wouldn’t want to come out on the weekend and drunkenly frolic in your streets! Well thankfully for motorists and NuLu lovers alike, NuLu fest has decided to do us all a solid and shut down the streets for a good ol’ fashioned block party so we can do just that! The Louisville Beer Store will be providing the brewskies, Sonablast Records will provide the live jams, a whole fleet of food trucks will provide the noms and you and all your friends can provide the good times. It’s a win, win … win? We all win! Hooray!

Saturday, Sept. 26

11 a.m. | Free
700 block of East Market Street