New Works by Joshua Huettig

There is something astounding about the work of Joshua Huettig. Is it the colors? The textures? The folklore that is lurking from the reclaimed surfaces? It is absolutely all of that and more. The truly self-taught Huettig started his primitive, yet refined, painting in 2007 after falling into depression from the sudden passing of his father. This pushed forward a search for meaning and sparked a creative flurry. Huettig paints with old house paint that he has collected over the years on reclaimed wood from the Ohio River, creeks and trash bins. Symbols and a raw narrative invades his “canvas” with great impactful energy. Huettig believes that the only way to be authentic is to live openly and free. He hopes this approach will spur a re-evaluation of everything sacred, timeless and pure.

through April 30th

CRAFT(s) Gallery
572 South 4th St.
584-SOFO (7636)