‘New Drawings 
by Mark Traughber’

Local artist Mark Traughber’s drawings dance. This realization will come to you too, when you see how his line work weaves in and out of his pieces, building a slow and steady visual beat. Traughber, who studied at Western Kentucky University and graduated with his MFA from East Carolina University, draws inspiration from the visual elements of Pop Art and German Expressionism, but also adds a touch of childhood regression into the mix. Drawing on frosted white Mylar (and having a restrained use of color), he creates expressive animals and human figures that sometimes seem ready to burst into a jig or are already in the grips of one. Go see the magical kaleidoscope of dancing delight and see what I mean.


The Green Building Gallery
732 E. Market St.

About the Author

‘New Drawings 
by Mark Traughber’

Chasson Higdon is a writer, artist and filmmaker. At an early age, when other boys were learning about sports or cars, Chasson had his head buried in art history books or creating paintings and drawings. This trend has continued on into adulthood, where he has earned his BA in Fine Arts from Indiana University, received multiple awards for his creative endeavors and is still currently clueless about sports or cars.



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