New Albany Wicked Walk

The weather is warming up, but the Wicked Walk will send chills down your spine. This nighttime walking tour of New Albany, which loops around Mansion Row on Main Street, is a fascinating look at the town’s surprisingly spooky history. You’ll learn about the beloved Victorian maid who reappeared more than a century after her death, the Civil War hospital turned restaurant and the three serial killers (yes, three!) who have called New Albany home. If you’re easily startled, fear not — there are no jump scares, and you probably won’t see any actual ghosts, though spirit-hunters are welcome. These outdoor tours tend to get crowded; when I went a few weeks ago, there were about 35 of us, so mind your distance. Still, the Wicked Walk makes for a fun evening out, by yourself or with a date. You’ll want to give it a try — I’m dead serious.

Saturday, May 29

The Odd Shop
8:30 – 10:30 p.m. | $20
155 E. Main St., New Albany, Indiana