‘Neighborhood Revitalization & 
The Creative Flow’

Of the many ways a neighborhood can be revitalized, the use of creativity can be the most interesting and effective, whether for a day or a lifetime. That’s what the co-curators of the exhibition “Neighborhood Revitalization & The Creative Flow” know. Jesse Levesque, Kara Nichols and Gwendolyn Kelly have put together an art show, music, food and storytelling that will engage attendees and further the creed of 1619 FLUX: Art + Activism with its continuing focus on West Louisville. “The redevelopment or revitalization of a city is an art,” said Charles Landry, author of the “Creative City.” “It depends on the individual strengths of a place and the will of the leadership to bring change.”


1619 FLUX: Art + Activism
5-10 p.m. | Free
1619 W. Main St.