Here’s the bad news: You missed Stage One’s production of “The Big Friendly Giant” and the amazing giant puppets that Squallis created for that show. Here’s the good news: Those giants are joining Big Foot, Hunter S Thompson, and all of Squallis’s other giant puppets, as well as several of their smaller creations, for the 13th annual Squallis Puppet Prom. In honor of their new monsters, this year’s prom has been officially dubbed the Monster Morp (that’s prom backwards). The evening features puppet skits and interactive puppet experiences, like the puppet dance party, food and a cash bar from Wiltshire Pantry, a costume contest, silent auction and live DJs including Sam Sneed. This all-ages event is a great party every year and a fun way to fundraise for Squallis Puppeteers. Sliding scale $10 minimum donation, suggested $25 donation for adults.

Saturday, Feb. 13

Highland Community Campus
6 p.m.-midnight | $10+
1228 E. Breckinridge St.