Mitch Burrow

Mitch Burrow was raised on a dirty, dust-brushed back road in Georgia. At 18 years old, he joined the Marine Corps and lived in Okinawa, Japan, and was stationed in Iraq. He did a stint in Southern California before landing in Seattle. A history in all of these places has left him with a deep well of stories from his past that have molded a deeply unique perspective on the world around him. He’s a politically aware performer, a true independent who is too liberal for Republicans and too conservative for Democrats — a man with a wealth of experience that has driven into his mind very particular view of society and the things that we take for granted. Mitch Burrow will bring his wellspring of true-to-life inspired jokes to the stage all weekend while he headlines The Laughing Derby.

May 28 – 30

The Laughing Derby
7:15 p.m. (+9:30, Sat.) | $12-$15
1250 Bardstown Road