‘Middle Aged’ by Angie Reed Garner

I’ve been told after 60 it’s all maintenance. From my personal experience, the falling apart starts to happen a couple of decades earlier. Angie Reed Garner, as a painter is wont to do, is dealing with her Gen X middle years via art. “To date no mid-life crisis for me,” states Garner, “and I don’t think it likely. Aging is like driving a car that used to mostly magically fix itself or keep on running however rough, but then it’s kinda really not doing that any more. These paintings offer what developed for me … This is my true, personal initiation into middle age.” Also showing at garner narrative is “the feral woods” by MaLynda Poulsen and Aleksandra Stone. The opening is Nov. 6 during the First Friday Trolley Hop.


garner narrative contemporary fine art
642 E. Market St.