‘Meena Khalili: TYPO/TOPO’

Graphic designer Meena Khalili is a fan of actress Hedy Lamarr. Not for her talent or her beauty, but for her intelligence. Lamarr was a co-inventor of an early form of wireless communication using radio signals that was patented in 1941 (thank Lamarr the next time you use your cell phone). Khalili’s “TYPO/TOPO” installation at Sheherazade Gallery consists of a rotating digital projection with letters and words constantly moving and vanishing as to be almost unreadable. It’s based on Lamarr’s invention of the frequency-hopping signal. Khalili, an assistant professor of design at UofL, likes to work with typography, language and multi-media. The work is viewable 24 hours a day from Magnolia Ave. (the window gallery is in a renovated garage on W. Magnolia Avenue between Second and Third streets, in the rear of the building at 1401 S. Third St.) An open house is Friday, Sept. 7 from 6-9 p.m.


Sheherazade Gallery
Rear of 1401 S. Third St.

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‘Meena Khalili: TYPO/TOPO’

Jo Anne Triplett is the contributing visual arts editor at LEO Weekly. She’s a past member of the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Public Art, was the content advisor on the Glassworks Building video, and has written for Louisville Magazine, Kentucky Homes and Gardens and the national publication Glass Craftsman. Jo Anne came to Louisville from Washington, D.C. where she worked as a researcher and writer for the Smithsonian American Art Museum.



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