‘Does It Matter Who’s President?: Success & Failure in the White House’

So far, life under President Donald Trump has been total chaos with a side of extreme negativity (very sad!). But how much does it really matter who’s in the White House? That is the question Barbara Perry, professor of Ethics and Institutions at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, will dissect at this President’s Day lecture as part of the McConnell Center’s “Promises & Perils of the American Presidency” public lecture series. Perry’s talk will “examine definitions of presidential greatness and effective leadership to determine why some presidents are more consequential than others,” and conclude with multimedia illustrations of presidential successes and failures from the Miller Center’s archives.

Monday, Feb. 20

McConnell Center in UofL’s Ekstrom Library
6-7 p.m. | Free
2215 S. Third St.
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