Making Monsters 
With Ryan Case

Kids Class  |  Saturday, Sept. 15  |  Art Sanctuary
1433 S. Shelby St.  |  Search Facebook  |  3-5 p.m.  |  $40

Adult Class  |  Sunday, Sept. 16  |  Seidenfaden’s Cafe
1134 E. Breckenridge St.  | Search Facebook  | 7-9 p.m.  |  $40

Art and monsters make the perfect combination. Master monster artist Ryan Case will reveal his heretofore secret technique for creating colorful and friendly monsters. No painting skills are necessary for this step-by-step class, and all art supplies are supplied. Just bring yourself and your imagination. There are two classes: one for the kids, ages 2 to 18, and one for adults, 21 and over. Adults may join their children for the kids’ class. The adult class includes two “zombie shots” (drinks) to help release your inner Dr. Frankenstein. The deadline to register is the end of the day Sept. 14. Send $40 via PayPal to makingmonste[email protected] (use the “friends and family” setting, please)

Saturday, Sept. 15-16