Mac Sabbath

Be prepared to be supersized. Legendary parodic heavy-metal band Mac Sabbath is bringing its cheesy mash-up to Louisville. Mac Sabbath is the bastard child of Black Sabbath and creepy McDonald-land characters. The frontman is Ronald Osborne who is accompanied by Slayer McCheese on guitar, Grimalice on bass guitar and the always sneaky Slamburgler on drums. These drive-thru metalheads fry up some tasty Sabbath parodies. “Iron Man” has become “Frying Pan,” with lines such as “All our future is pink slime.” The puns are delicious and their music faithfully covers Black Sabbath. Their colorful stage show is fatty with video, theatrics, whimsical props, audience participation and sing alongs. I love their t-shirts which read “We Sold Our Soul for Cinnamon Rolls.” I can already smell the special-metal sauce.

Saturday, Sept. 5

8 p.m. | $15 - 21+
210 S. Preston St.