Louisville’s International Film Festival

We know… films at home just don’t have the same allure. The screen isn’t as big, the sound isn’t as loud, and the popcorn doesn’t have that same faux-buttery magic as you find in the theaters. But you can still enjoy the magic of 95 films submitted for this year’s International Film Festival, including 45 shorts, 14 feature films, 30 documentaries and six experimental and new media. All are available to watch at any time between 10 a.m. on Thursday and midnight Saturday.  Plus, filmmakers will still be joining for Q&A sessions. Check the website for a full list of movies and scheduled Q&As, plus 24-hour “lounge” chat rooms will be open to attendees, as well as filmmakers, actors and others involved with the festival.

Thursday, Nov. 5-7

Anytime | $10