Louisville Magic Club Presents: It’s Magic!

The art of prestidigitation has a strong past in Louisville, but its future will be on display this Friday when the Louisville Magic Club presents its annual fundraiser. “It’s Magic” will feature a wide array of the mystical, with acts ranging from the comical to the mysterious. Ray Adams’ act blends magic, juggling, comedy, plate spinning and whip cracking. Dinky Gowen combines enthusiasm, mystery and fun. Mike Woodward, David Garrad and Graham Maupin round out the roster. For those who prefer their magic up close and personal, members of the LMC will be roaming the lobby before the show to showcase their “close up” magic skills, the range of tricks and illusions that include coin and card tricks and other right in your face examples of the art. Fun for everyone.

Friday, Sept. 11

Ursuline Arts Center
7p.m. | $10 ($5 under 12)
3114 Lexington Road