Late For Dinner With Casey Powell And Spooky Diamonds

Art Sanctuary’s “Late for Dinner” March showcase features two awesome performances, Casey Powell and Spooky Diamonds. Powell, a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, has been doing it all on the Louisville music scene for years, “covering Rock ‘n Roll, Jazz, Funk, Psych, and just about any else he gets his hands on,” organizers say. And, while “Spooky Diamonds is NOT a band summoning the ghosts of deceased baseball players and/or stadia,” they will really bring it. There’s a link to the livestream on the YouTube channel and on the Facebook event page, as well as links to both performers’ websites — if you want to get a taste ahead of time. Support the local music scene and special local venues like Art Sanctuary by tuning in.

Friday, March 19

8 p.m. | Free