‘Larry & Ladonna Was Here: 
The Artist-Collector Relationship’

The bond between a patron and an artist is one inspired by the bond between a parent and child. They both offer nurturing support, guidance and the occasional injection of cash necessary for survival. In their current show, KMAC (in association with UofL’s graduate student organization AEGIS) highlights the importance of this relationship by showing selective works from two of Louisville’s finest patrons, Larry Shapin and Ladonna Nicolas. With a collection spanning decades and an amazing eye for talent, Larry and Ladonna have made a name for themselves by amassing an astonishing art collection filled with the “Who’s Who” of the Kentucky art scene. Go see the show and feel inspired to become a patron yourself .

through April 12th

Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft
715 W. Main St.

About the Author

‘Larry & Ladonna Was Here: 
The Artist-Collector Relationship’

Chasson Higdon is a writer, artist and filmmaker. At an early age, when other boys were learning about sports or cars, Chasson had his head buried in art history books or creating paintings and drawings. This trend has continued on into adulthood, where he has earned his BA in Fine Arts from Indiana University, received multiple awards for his creative endeavors and is still currently clueless about sports or cars.



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