Kyle Bianconcini and Jenni Deamer

Art can make great friends, as Kyle Bianconcini and Jenni Deamer can tell you. They have known each other for over 20 years, taking classes at UofL and co-founding the Plein Air Painters of Kentucky along the way. It makes sense they would show together too. About six years ago, Deamer, well, drifted from painting and became interested in ceramics (it wasn’t the first time; she has also worked in printmaking and pastels). Her fondness for art that has a function and everyday use is evident in her pieces. Bianconcini has a particular love of Italy, having met her husband there; as a result, the majority of the paintings in the exhibition feature the lush Tuscan landscape.

Through March, 30th

CRAFT(s) Gallery
572 S. Fourth St.