‘Kizuna’ by Shohei Katayama

With all due respect to Descartes — I bond, therefore I am. That’s something artist Shohei Katayama believes. Kizuna means bond or shackle in Japanese. Katayama’s latest exhibition of installations and paintings at the Asia Institute-Crane House illustrates the concept. He said he is exploring “the relationships between the invisible bonds and forces that shape the impermanent human experience and condition.” Katayama prefers his art to be conceptual, dwelling deep in spirituality, ecology and the “underlying patterns inherent in nature. I am an artist; all I can do is look towards the future and help inspire dreams of what may come to be, attempting to capture a world where there is hope.” That’s a bond we should want to experience.


Asia Institute-Crane House
9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Tuesday-Friday | Free
1244 S. Third St.