Kentucky Furby

Dogs, drinks, Derby —  what more do you need? No, this “Furby” isn’t the beloved 80’s toy; it’s an event at a dog bar (yup, that’s a thing) where dogs race against each other, while their owners (with themed cocktails and food truck fare in hand) cheer them on. Friday’s race is “Lilies for the Puppies;” Saturday’s is “Run for the Noses.” All proceeds go to dog-related nonprofits, including the Kentucky Humane Society and Dogs Helping Heroes. If your dog doesn’t win the raffle to participate (which, by the time you’re seeing this, already happened) or you don’t have a dog to begin with, you’ll still be able to watch the race action and place bets on the pups. It’s just like the real Derby, but with much cuter contestants. Both days, the gates open at 10 a.m. ,and the race starts at 2 p.m.. Entry fees are nothing for humans and $10 for a dog day pass.

Friday, April 30 - May 1

 PG& J’s Dog Bar
10 a.m. | Prices vary
800 Baxter Ave.
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