Keep Louisville Lyrical

Stumble down Bardstown Road on any given day, and you’re sure to run into plenty of bars with acoustic musicians playing some folksy tunes. And I for one am sick of it! We have a blossoming hip-hop scene in this city, and it’s about time we got some musical diversity around here. Thankfully, The Highlands Taproom along with Keep Louisville Loud know what I’m talking about, and are hosting a monthly event called Keep Louisville Lyrical. It’s a night of drinking with some of the best hip-hop artists in the city. This time around you can see performances by The Splash Brothers (Dom B and Rmllw2llz), Dave., Sego, Mmuso and Stsy. The event is free, but you have to be 21 or older to get in.

Tuesday, May 17

The Highlands Taproom
10 p.m. | Free
1056 Bardstown Road