Kathryn Keller

It has been said that to have a fulfilled life, you must love your work. Kathryn Keller from Louisiana is an artist who enjoys the physical act of painting. “I love the smell of oil paint,” she said. “The array of thick gobs of color waiting to be plunged into, the visceral application of paint. I scrape, wipe, smear and glaze. When I travel, I paint with watercolors. The watercolors are different in tone from the oils. They are less serious. Water won’t be pushed around. It will have its own way, so the paintings are more spontaneous, immediate and lighthearted.” The approximately 20 paintings on display at Moremen Moloney Contemporary show this admiration of paint as well as, to put it broadly, life. She’s a plein air painter, because “painting outside allows for moments of bliss.” Yet she seems just as excited when she ventures indoors or paints a nude. Being an artist is a vocation she loves, one she continues to do daily.


Moremen Moloney Contemporary
939 E. Washington St.