‘Karmi and the Beasts of Memory’

Theatre [502] offers a triumphant conclusion to their ongoing Ludlow Quinn Presents series with a play by Eli Keel. “Karmi and the Beast of Memory” tells the story of Joe Hollingsworth, born in the small town of who cares, wherever. He runs away from home to become a magician, finally succeeding under the nom de stage “Karmi.” The play peels back the skin of this old world and shows its audiences some ugly truths, and some hopeful ones as well. Directed by Amos Dreisbach, produced by Rachel Vidal and starring Bryce Weibe, Neill Robertson, Becca Litton. Chase Gregory and Eli Keel as Ludlow Quinn, this 15-minute play is fee and open to the public.

Friday, March 4

The Baron’s Theatre
7, 8 & 9 p.m. | Free
131 W. Main St.