Just Creations Street Fest

In 1987, Barbara Kruger critiqued our consumer culture with five powerful words: “I shop therefore I am.” The more vapid among us, took the slogan at face value and turned it into a bumper sticker. Others engaged their conscience and made shopping political. In 1990, Just Creations opened a “fair trade” store that helped consumers do just that. Sunday, they’re closing Bayly Avenue to celebrate 25 years of practicing ethical business transactions with artisans around the world. Craig Waits, from the Groove Company, will serve as the emcee and DJ for the event and the musical line-up will be headlined by Appalatin. Food and drink by La Casa Catering and The Comfy Cow, free T-shirts and lots of giveaways.

Sunday, June 14

1 p.m.–5 p.m.
Frankfort and S. Bayly Avenues