‘Journeys’ by Denise Bourgeois

It will be Mother’s Day for weeks over at the Chestnuts and Pearls Gallery. Calling it “a tribute to my mom,” owner Linda Williams is exhibiting art by her mother Denise Bourgeois. She paints with acrylics using both a brush and palette knife, finding inspiration from her travels of long and short durations, including walks in her neighborhood. I like to think of a walk in my neighborhood as a meditative “vacation” and so must Bourgeois. “It is uplifting to not only get such therapeutic joy from the act of painting, but also to see the joy the paintings bring to others,” Bourgeois states. “To see people connect on so many levels with my work is the ultimate satisfaction.”


Chestnuts and Pearls Gallery
131 W. Chestnut St., Jeffersonville