Jaye Jayle

Part solo project for Young Widows’ Evan Patterson, part Louisville supergroup — as the loose studio/live cast features names like Jonathan Glen Wood (Old Baby), Jim Marlowe (Tropical Trash), Lowe Sutherland (Sapat), among others — Jaye Jayle veers in a captivatingly ominous, acoustic and psychedelic direction that’s heavy in its own capacity. While Young Widows hits hard with aggressive guitars and a thunderous rhythm section, Jaye Jayle is much more hushed, but has a barely-contained rage to it that produces an equal amount of intensity. It’s hard to explain, but the song “It’s Jayle Time” sounds like a scene out of Cormac McCarthy’s “Blood Meridian.”

Monday, Dec. 14

The New Vintage
8 p.m. | $8
2126 S. Preston St.