‘Into the Jungle: Drawings from Taiwan’

Imagine if you made a smoothie out of the works of M.C. Escher, H. Bosch and threw in a copy of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” What would be the resulting visual taste? You can easily see for yourself in the new show, “Into the Jungle: Drawings from Taiwan” by artist Larry Keaty. Through a series of pencil drawings, Keaty unleashes a nonverbal narrative about his time spent in Taiwan and also a brief glimpse into an illustrated book he’s crafting on the German Anabaptist Rebellion. It’s fantastical journey into surrealist dreamscapes influenced by living experiences, executed by a deft hand and offers an open invitation for everyone to step deep into Keaty’s mind and see the world through his eyes.


PUBLIC, Louisville Visual Art

About the Author

‘Into the Jungle: Drawings from Taiwan’

Chasson Higdon is a writer, artist and filmmaker. At an early age, when other boys were learning about sports or cars, Chasson had his head buried in art history books or creating paintings and drawings. This trend has continued on into adulthood, where he has earned his BA in Fine Arts from Indiana University, received multiple awards for his creative endeavors and is still currently clueless about sports or cars.



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