Internment Book Discussion

“It is a confusion,” says one of Nancy Jensen’s characters, “how people we had known for many years, and thought our friends, could turn away so easily … ” Conversation from today’s polarized America? No, Jensen’s novel “In Our Midst” is historical fiction. She’s casting light onto a dark corner: the internment of Germans who were U.S. residents when World War II broke out. The author, who teaches at EKU, imagines a family restaurant in Indiana, where the aroma of baking brötchen typifies the warmth they bring to the community — until the FBI knocks on the door. Jensen’s as scrupulous with her research as she is determined to reveal emotional depth of the family’s travails through years of thinning hopes and accumulating heartbreak. Local literary legend Sena Jeter Naslund leads the virtual author event (go to “Events” on Carmichael’s website and they’ll hook you up with the Crowdcast app).

Thursday, Sept.10

7 p.m. | Free

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Internment Book Discussion

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