Ice Cream Headache

This Saturday you might enjoy an ice cream headache for the very first time, when hosts Brian and Murdock of Ice Cream Headache podcast celebrate the show’s fourth birthday with their first-ever live show. The podcast originated in December 2011 when two friends (Brian and Murdock) realized how much they enjoyed geeking out over television, indie-rock and comedy, so they decided to broadcast (via digital download) their weekly conversations for the world to listen in; over time they also opened the show up to the input of regular guests they culled from a pool of comedians and celebrities. This live celebration will (of course) be hosted by Brian and Murdock, and will feature hilarious sets from comedians Patrick Passafiume, Danny Browning, Dan Alten and Tyler Gooch — this ice cream headache will make you wince with laughter, not in pain.

Saturday, Jan. 23

The Bard’s Town
7:30 p.m. | $5
1801 Bardstown Road