‘The House Paint & Pencil Show’

If using what is right in front of you is a mark of creativity, mother and daughter artists Corie Neumayer and Carrie Neumayer are artists supreme. Corie uses latex house paint as her medium of choice. She started using it “several years ago when I was doing a series of large paintings. I wanted to build up layers, have drips and use large utilitarian brushes. Not being the patient sort, I discovered several partially used cans of paint in my basement. I now frequent the hardware stores buying the rejected samples.” Carrie uses pencils. “After I put out the call for pencils,” she said, “I received 91. Some arrived tiny, beloved, and almost used up entirely. Others were brand new, perhaps acquired specifically for me … like the pencil my dad got from the barber shop he’s been going to almost his entire life. A friend sent 30 pencils from Pennsylvania’s Amish country.”


PYRO Gallery
1006 E. Washington St.

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‘The House Paint & Pencil Show’

Jo Anne Triplett is the contributing visual arts editor at LEO Weekly. She’s a past member of the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Public Art, was the content advisor on the Glassworks Building video, and has written for Louisville Magazine, Kentucky Homes and Gardens and the national publication Glass Craftsman. Jo Anne came to Louisville from Washington, D.C. where she worked as a researcher and writer for the Smithsonian American Art Museum.



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