I’ve been reading more during the pandemic. I’m sure a lot of us have, with extra free time and an itch to flee from reality. It’s time to appreciate the novel, short story and nonfiction narrative and honor them and those who write them. At this virtual fundraiser for Louisville Literary Arts, you can attend readings by local authors and bid on silent auction items tailored to those of us who have always turned to books for comfort. Ron Whitehead, Rheonna Nicole and The Naked Poets (Marta Miranda-Straub, Aletha Fields and Kri Magesty) are some of the authors who will present their work. Carmichael’s Bookstore is also hosting a discussion on the books that the reader in your life will enjoy the most. The online auction items include works by Kentucky writers such as Wendell Berry, many of them signed; a literary agent critique for writers with a finished manuscript; writers’ care packages; and more. All events are free, except for Fridays, for which a $5 donation is suggested.

Thursday, Dec. 10-12

7 p.m. | Prices vary