Guinever Smith & Emily Church


Guinever Smith & Emily Church

Galerie Hertz  |  1253 Preston St.  |  Free

Galerie Hertz is currently displaying two solo exhibitions at the same time. Guinever Smith is in the main gallery showing “Traffic,” while Emily Church’s “(blue) sky/(green) earth” in the west gallery. Smith calls her “Traffic” series “highway-scapes.” “Over the years,” she says, “I have produced what seems to me now an astonishing body of work concerned with broad horizons … in recent years, on the highway.” Church, on the other hand, is nature based. Present in both her paintings and poetry, her reflections on the natural world feature water, sunsets and, as she states, “the skies of Constable and Turner, the land of O’Keeffe and Hartley.” —Jo Anne Triplett

Through June 3

Galerie Hertz
1253 Preston St.