Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’

When you think post 9/11, Bush Era America, it’s hard to not think about Green Day’s song “American Idiot.” It encapsulates how every liberal American felt at the time: angry, angsty and full of punk rock fervor at what was happening around you. And while we might like to think we’ve transcended that era, the themes of that song still hold true today, which is why Acting Against Cancer is exploring them with a little more depth in the play Green Day’s “American Idiot.”  The play follows three jaded teens as they navigate a post 9/11 America and are forced to confront the realities of growing up in a world no one prepared them for. And all proceeds benefit Acting Against Cancer and its commitment to the art therapy program at Kosair Children’s Hospital’s Cancer Center.

Jan. 29 – Feb. 7

Henry Clay Theatre
8 p.m. (ages 16+) | $19
604 S. Third St