‘Garbage Fail Kids’

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the satirical, in-your-face and grody Garbage Pail Kids collectible stickers. A massive hit with all the geeky and freaky kids of the 1980s. Curators Lyndi Lou, Eric Snyder and Sean “S8N” McGlone celebrate this cultural milestone with a Garbage Pail Kids themed art show titled ’Garbage Fail Kids,” featuring some of Louisville’s most gnarly and rad artists. Each artist will create their own original Garbage Pail Kid artwork. The tubular artists include Dick Starr, Harrison Fogle, Lyndi Lou, Sean “S8N” McGlone, John Furse, Alex Rumsey, Rodney Adams, Amy Willmore, Vinnie Kochert, Ryan Rumsey, Steve Gatrost, Jason “Shag” Campbell, Devin McGlone, Nick Knight, Rick Harlan, Greg Mosier, Thomas Russell Engle, Jeral Tidwell, Sarah Tidwell, Greg Mosier, Bucky Vandenburg, Bernhardt Geyer, Chloe Lee, Athena Prychodko, Steve Vessell, Jeremy Dixon, Nikole Meyer, Matt Haas and more TBA. This show promises to be the “Adam Bomb.”

Friday, Oct. 2

Haymarket Whiskey Bar
331 E. Market St.