‘FAQ’s 1789-1987’ by Carlos Gamez de Francisco

Do you have any frequently-asked questions from the years 1789-1987? Carlos Gamez de Francisco is the person to ask because he’s a historian in paint. “Historical context is central to all of my work,” said Gamez de Francisco. “My life, as a Cuban and now an American, has taught me that when history is represented in storytelling of any kind, it is distorted through the eyes of the one telling (or writing or painting) the story. It is further distorted through the eyes or ears of the one who is hearing that story.” His art installation “FAQ’s 1789-1987” is full of the historical references he adores. As you view his work, just remember he believes “all history is revised.” The opening reception is Friday, April 14 from 5:30-8 p.m.


Moremen Moloney Contemporary
Times vary | Free
939 E. Washington St.

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‘FAQ’s 1789-1987’ by Carlos Gamez de Francisco

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