Staff Pick: ‘Family: Peter + The Wolf’ Louisville Orchestra,
 Squallis Puppeteers

There is no more delightful introduction to the sounds of an orchestra than “Peter and The Wolf,” Sergei Prokofiev’s irreverent, onomatopoetic tale of a brave and cunning boy, a dabbling duck, an authoritarian grandpa and a sinister wolf. Couple the vivacious score with the visual delights of the Squallis Puppeteers, and you have a spectacle that a child will not forget. Grownups should not forget that the piece also served as Soviet propaganda — and was composed during Stalin’s purges. A year after the premiere in 1937, the woman who commissioned it (Natalya Satz) was charged as a “Traitor to the Motherland.” She was sent to Siberia after her husband was executed, spent five years in Siberia and wasn’t “rehabilitated” until Stalin’s death in 1953.

Saturday, March 17

The Brown Theatre
11 a.m. | $15