‘Faces and Spaces: The Art of 
Whitney Carpenter’

Whitney Carpenter is fascinated with drawing people — from her childhood sketchbooks to the large-scale portraits of her university studio work. With ‘Faces and Spaces,’ Carpenter melds her artistry with the whimiscal imagination of her youth. “I shy away from my work at the university, and take my focus back to what inspired me and made me happy as a child,” says Carpenter. Her lustrous colors and skillful painting chops are impressivie, but her fanciful characters that live and breathe in dreamscape environments will capture your imagination. Each piece has a story for the viewer to unlock. Carpenter explains it this way, “I leave interpretation up to the viewer, to decide who this person is, what their story and emotion convey.” There will be an Artist’s Night on Friday, Jan. 22 for the public to meet the artist.

Through Feb. 6

Lydia House
1101 Lydia St