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Joe Creason (not)Parkrun (Any time)
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Before COVID-19, the Joe Creason Parkrun was a chance to meet up with others to test your 5k running prowess without having to pay $30-plus to participate in a formal race. During the pandemic, participants are no longer gathering to run together, but you can still compete against fellow cardio hounds by tracking your 5k runs and submitting your best time (find the link on the Joe Creason parkrun Facebook page). Your time will be ranked next to other participants each week. And, by the time regular races are back in full force, you won’t have lost any of your progress.—Danielle Grady

Louisville Pride Stride (Through Oct. 31)
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Take part in the first nationwide, virtual LGBTQ+ run, or walk… or whatever. Organizers encourage anyone to “choose 5k or 10k and then run, walk, dance, prance, or roll at your own pace.” And while you have over a month to participate, one suggested date is National Coming Out Day on Sunday, Oct. 11. Some proceeds from the registration fee will go to support Louisville Pride, and you get an official race bib and Pride swag bag. 

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