‘Everyday Inspirations’ by Sean Rademaker

“I never have to go far to find inspiration, for it’s all around us,” says painter Sean Rademaker. “It may come from a dusty bottle sitting on a shelf or a random piece of cloth tossed in the corner of my studio, bathed in the light from the window. There is often beauty to be found in the ordinary. We just have to learn how to see it.” Words like that warm the cockles of this art writer’s heart. Rademaker is in familiar historical territory with his still lifes. They are a staple of the studio, with artists like Matisse making a career out of apples on a table. Rademaker’s opening reception is Sunday, April 26 from 1-5 p.m.

APRIL 26 - MAY 26

Tim Faulkner Gallery
1512 Portland Ave.