‘ENID: Generations of Women Sculptors’

The title of this sculpture group is an art history lesson. ENID is named after Enid Yandell (1869-1934), a sculptor from Louisville who studied with Auguste Rodin in Paris and was the first woman to join the National Sculpture Society. More than likely you have seen her work, especially her two Cherokee Park pieces, Daniel Boone and Hogan’s Fountain. You probably have seen some of the sculpture by ENID members too; if not, this is one-stop viewing. The group exhibition features work by Leticia Bajuyo, Gayle Cerlan, Caren Cunningham, Jeanne Dueber, Linda Erzinger, Ewing Fahey, Sarah Frederick, Fran Kratzok, Valerie Sullivan Fuchs, Mary Dennis Kannapell, Paula Keppie, Shawn Marshall, Suzanne Mitchell, Joyce Ogden, Jacque Parsley, Emily Schuhmann, Gloria Wachtel and Melinda Walters.


PYRO Gallery
909 E. Market St.