‘eggs’ by Lynn Carden

Creativity can lead to strange bedfellows and a love of minutiae. Ask Lynn Carden, painter of eggs. Her ever-expanding avian interest has led her to become an amateur scientist and historian, as well as an artist. “The painting of bird eggs has made me curious about the behavior of birds, and it varies as much as their eggs,” she said. “Some birds don’t fly, many don’t build nests. Some care for their young for up to a year, others leave the scene even before a single egg is hatched. I started on the eggs, then came a series of bird portraits. I chose to modernize the genre and painted them from the neck up rather than full body. What I discovered by doing that, to my surprise, was that the birds took on human-like personalities.”  The gallery has installed an app, especially created for the exhibition, that allows visitors to use a smartphone to match the bird to an egg.


B. Deemer Gallery
2650 Frankfort Ave.